I'm a simple person. I like movies, anime, manga, comics, I write and sing also.

The Mortal Instruments
The Tomorrow People
The Infernal Devices
The Walking Dead
The Fault in Our Stars
The 100
Teen Wolf

Current OTPs:
Destiel (SPN)
Stydia (TW)
Sterek (TW)
Clace (TMI)
Malec (TMI)
Sizzy (TMI)
GlennXMaggie (TWD)

Current Favorite Characters:
Dean (SPN)
Castiel (SPN)
Jace (TMI)
Clary (TMI)
Simon (TMI)
Magnus (TMI)
Alec (TMI)
John (TTP)
Darryl (TWD)
Jem (TID)
Will (TID)
Tessa (TID)
Elsa (Frozen)
Augutus Waters (TFiOS)
Hazel Grace (TFiOS)
Issac (TFiOS)
Jasper (100)
Stiles (TW)
Scott (TW)
Derek (TW)
Lydia (TW)

Current Favorite Actors:
Jamie Campbell Bower
Dylan O'Brien
Tyler Posey
Robert Sheenan
Lily Collins
Jensen Ackles
Misha Collins
Jennifer Lawrence
Robert Downey Jr
Andrew Garfield
Sebastian Stan
Chris Evans
Tyler Hoechlin

Fun Facts:
I share the same birthday as Jensen Ackles, March 1st.

I survived and was a part of the Mishapocalypse.

I find Jamie Campbell Bower sassy,sexy, funny and amazing. He is a great person. I Love Him a lot. He did such an amazing job as Jace Wayland, and I can't wait for the City of Ashes to come out.

Dylan O'Brien is an amazing, funny, awkward, handsome young man, and I LOVE him, and his role as Stiles on Teen Wolf. I can not wait to see him take on the role as Thomas in The Maze Runner. He has such a great talent in acting even know he's only had a few jobs.


You’re my best friend,
                                and  I  n e e d  y o u .

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Dydia AU - on Christmas morning, which also happens to be Derek’s birthday, Lydia takes him ice skating.

Fox Already Plotting 'Maze Runner' Sequel, Sets 2015 Release Date - Hollywood Reporter

Maze Runner: Scorch Trials, based on the second book in James Dashner’s book series, will hit theaters Sept. 18, 2015.

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Max would like to see a unicorn on TW, Ian would like to see Lydia as a mermaid, Tyler would like to see a dragon, JR would like butterflies “really dangerous butterflies” Tyler would also like Greek mythology monsters and JR added “Greek butterflies”

Max would choose Highway…